This should i do more often

March 4, 2013

Have had it pretty bad with money for some time now, and after being recommended by my professional gaming friends so I decided last night to try your luck at slot online? and believe it or not it was your luck with me because I won some money and I felt that this was my thing, and that this was not the last time that I played. It’s not that I will start to play out a lot of money, but it will be a little less summer that I will play for and I think this will be my new hobby, perfect to sit and play for a little while after a day at work and thus come down a bit in the turns and just relax. I know I will not get up at that level that my friend is on, but it’s enough for me.


It may be good to read a little about SEO

February 2, 2013

It may be good to read a little about SEO domains given that a friend of mine works with SEO domains and it’s not so fun to stand like a fool and not understand anything when he talks about what he does for a living but I’m no computer or internet expert and it just might not be so easy to get into that anyway. I’m going to visit him at his workplace soon and then I want to know what they are doing. Hopefully, they understand that ordinary people do not know what SEO means and so that I do not need to feel ashamed. Now I’ve been sitting here reading about SEO almost all day and I not getting any wiser, I must admit that it’s no use to sit here wasting my time like this because I am not really that interested in this anyways.


Don’t feel so good

November 26, 2012

I do feel so good right now. There is something wrong with me even-though I don’t know what. Feels somewhat like a cold or a flu that won’t go away. They say that an HIV-infection feels like this. You’re tired, headaches, nose running, nasty cough and so. But it can’t be that. I don’t run around mainlining drugs, have unprotected sex and I have never had a blood transfusion in my life. So… it’s got to be something else. But what man? Perhaps there’s something in my apartment which is making me sick. Maybe mould. Yeah that could very well be it. A nasty mould infestation. If that really is the case I should probably have a sanitation company over and have ‘em do a full scale mould remediation here pretty asap. No question about that cause I can’t go on like this anymore, no way.


Get your head in the game

October 2, 2012

I need to build and develop (or in reverse order, perhaps) a sustainable system for keeping track of backlinks. This is of utmost importance to me as each backlink is worth a lot of money for me and it would be pure disaster if something sad happens because I have flaws there. It’s probably even in the sense that I would embarrass me somewhat and perhaps become directly ostracized from the industry and it would obviously not here. So therefore, I will now do my best to implement a sustainable approach here, a technique that never fails me and keep all my projects I am currently working on flowing, everything else would be a disaster as I look at it in this what’s up, and I also believe that any expert would agree with that and back me and my line here